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Just a guy trying to teach some kids how to read and write. :)


Your bLog Posts

I spent about an hour tonight reading your bLog responses to Weslandia. I really enjoyed them. Keep up the good work. Really think about yourself and the story when you write. Soon, these bLog entries will be for points. Don’t stress. They’ll be judged on whether you show effort or not. So far, almost everyone is, which I’m really happy about.


Independent Reading bLogs!!


Welcome to my online independent reading log. I can’t wait to connect with your blogs so I can read about all the great things you’re reading this year. Every independent reading day, you will reflect on what you read and answer some questions on your own blog. Every entry should include…

– The Date
– The Title of the Book
– The Author of the Book
– The Pages You Read
– Answer the Question(s) Mr. Ellsworth posts on the Google Classroom assignment.

Don’t forget to use RACE (Restate, Answer the Question, Cite Evidence) and use your best words to give great details.

And, most of all, have fun!

Mr. Ellsworth 🙂

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